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Our Inaugural Brew Blog

What do you know?! We went out and got ourselves a brand-spankin new website (Doesn’t it smell great?) this is our inaugural Blog. Don’t worry, we’re well past our teen angst years and we’re pretty secure in our looks & lifestyle so there will be no venting. Instead, we’re looking forward to letting you know about upcoming “flash” specials, notes on upcoming art shows (from the artists themselves) and holy s#!t updates on what happened at the 4TH last night. We’re also really interested in hearing from you! Whether you want to have an art show, throw a party, work for us or have a suggestion, its all good with us. You can email us directly from the site and you’ll hear back from us-and maybe even get a blog mention…or not if you prefer!
As for whats BREWing, there’ll be updates about new coffee roasts, specialty beers and all things 4th when they occur. We’re luddites at heart so we know the idea of being part an online “community” isn’t new, its just something we’ve never thought about as we’ve been in the “community”  for 8 years-and counting! 
You might say we’ve been keeping it local…
Thanks for the visit. Be sure to check in from time to time. It will be worth it…trust us.
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