Even if you have never been to Brooklyn, chances are that you have probably heard of Williamsburg. Most people know Williamsburg for its creative energy and its hip young locals. Today, Williamsburg is the true epitome of the Brooklyn aesthetic witnessed across the globe. The region’s dining scene has evolved to include an outdoor tradition with bars and restaurants filling every square inch of patio and sidewalk space. Even as these establishments have had to adapt to the recent restriction, their vanguard spirit has not died. Williamsburg continues to offer some of the best drink and food offerings and hangout spots.

Whether you are in Williamsburg for a gallery opening, a friend’s birthday party, or you live in the area, you will probably want to enjoy a drink or two. One of the best places in Williamsburg to have a drink is South 4th Bar & Cafe. South 4th Bar & Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a neighborhood, dog-friendly bar that serves fine cocktails, quality cask, and craft beer, and fantastic Irving Farms coffee. The establishment is a perfect place to enjoy hangover hooky from work (more so if it is a hangover you rightfully earned on the same barstool) or using the free Wi-fi to get things done.

One of the reasons why patrons love South 4th Bar & Cafe is the free and reliable Wi-Fi provided by the establishment. This makes it a perfect place to engage in some productive work during the course of the day. Another aspect that makes South 4th Bar & Cafe ideal for daytime work is that the place features lots of outlets and tables, and is not often crowded.

It is easy to feel as if you are in your hometown when you visit this cozy and delightful corner bar. Since its launch, South 4th Bar & Cafe has become quite a hit with locals who frequent the establishment to enjoy a bottle of Heineken, go about their business, or just relax. Adored by locals, South 4th Bar & Cafe features an amazing selection of draft, canned, and bottled beer, pastries, coffee, tea, and cocktails, as well as live music and board games.

The atmosphere at South 4th Bar & Cafe is unbelievably chill, the bartenders and guests are very friendly. You are always going to have a delightful chat when you visit this relaxed corner bar. South 4th Bar & Cafe features a happy hour Monday through Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm, and operates on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 am, and on Sundays from 1o am to 2 am. This is the ideal place to unwind after a long day at the office. It is a friendly, comfortable place where you can alternate between caffeine and alcohol until you become a complete social pariah. Hypothetically speaking, of course.